I'm Miranda, from China.

Currently pursing Master degree at Northeastern University, majoring in Digital Media.

I actually got my bachelor in Human Resourse Management. I came to this program due to my strong interest in this field. My career goal after graduate is becoming a web designer. By taking this class, I hope I can explore different development strategies, learn client-side interactions using JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, and understand the principle of building a website.

I can speak Chinese and English. My hobbies are many and varied. I like to try anything I have never experienced. But the thing I love the most is traveling.


I have taken

DGM 6108
Programming Fountation
I learned the fundamentals of programming in a multimedia environment and basic knowledge of Javascript.

Usability & Human Interaction
I learned cutting-edge approaches to usability research and evaluation, testing methods, and how to design systems that meet end-user needs.

Interactive Info Design
I developed skills in structuring and organizing information, recognizing and establishing content relationships, and building usable navigation.

Web Creation Bootcamp
I gained basic competency in the design and coding of an attractive, effective, static website.

My Favorite Movies

My Works

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